Crossing Reverbs

Min 4 participants.

This is an exercise in reception rather than reaction.

One person acts as the facilitator. The facilitator prepares a set of questions. They then send each participant a question in the chat, separately and without telling what question the other participants get.

Camera on and mic on.

Turn on the soft clock on the range you see fit.

Each participant reflects in silence about the question they got and takes notes if they wish.

When the soft clock rigns, following the circle, each participant takes turns in answering the question they got while the others listen. It’s not about reacting to each other’s answers but about letting them resonate with each other.

After everyone has answered, repeat the same process. The facilitator sends the same questions but to different people.

Repeat till it’s done for at least three times.

Alternatively, the total number of questions can be the same as the total number of participants and the protocol ends once each has received and answered every question.

If possible with the software you are using, it’s good practice to hide Self View in order to focus on others rather than on one’s own image.