Listening Through Voice

Min 4 participants.

This is an exercise in listening through proffering someone else’s words. Anonymity is used as a means to listen without projecting from previous knowledge of a person.

Pose a question you want your group to reflect on.

Set the soft clock to medium range.

Mic on, camera off.

Each reflects and types down their thoughts on their own computer.

When the soft clock rings, everyone pastes their reflections anonymously on a shared pad. Variapad is easy to use and doesn’t require registration.

Then everyone gets back with the camera on and each takes turns in reading out loud somebody else’s words.

Repeat the same process, by writing down in silence to the first round and pasting it into the pad and then reading each other’s words.

Do it for a total of three times and then continue your conversation as you wish.

If possible with the software you are using, it’s good practice to hide Self View in order to focus on others rather than on one’s own image.