Setting the circle

Min 3 participants.

This is an initiatory protocol: it can function as a way to briefly introduce each other when in a new group, as a form of check-in with an established group or as a way to establish the order of speaking in a conversation.

In online conversation it’s a way to build a circle as if the group were sitting together in a room. If possible with the software you are using, it’s good practice to hide Self View in order to focus on others rather than on one’s own image.

One person starts by introducing themselves, then they call the next one, which does the same till everyone gets the chance to do so.

It is important to remember who is before you and after you in the circle, so that during the following conversation the same order of speaking can be used.

You can introduce yourselves with the following information:

Name Pronouns Place A sound that describes how you feel today Call next person

Alternatives: an object that represents how you feel, a brief overview of your current interest, a question, your star sign, you name it.

Following a specific order of speaking, without the possibility to react right away, is an excellent training in listening.